People constructing a home

Ideas for Toronto Basement Renovation

Updating your home with a basement remodel can be a terrific way to increase both your square footage and the value of your home. Defining what your Toronto Basement renovations goals are is critically important to put together a renovation that works specifically for you.


Defining the purpose of the renovation is important. If your house is in need of bathrooms and there’s no rough-in for toilet, sink and shower, you’ll probably need to work with a contractor to get those rough-ins done right. Building code changes on this can come quickly, so working with a professional who knows the rules can save you money in the present and problems in the future when you go to sell the house.


You may need to add a secondary egress to your basement if you want to count the square footage in the dimensions of the house. For the safety of you and your loved ones, adding this egress is a good idea anyway. This will probably mean adding an escape or daylight window to one end of the basement. If your basement finishing plans haven’t started yet, you’re in luck! Again, work with a contractor to make sure that the basement drainage is effective and that you won’t need to improve it before cutting into the wall.

Warm Up the Space

It may be tempting to put down carpet but this can be vulnerable if moisture seeps in. In addition, adding heating elements under the floor can make your basement cozier and more comfortable even with vinyl or plank flooring. Plank flooring can help a lot if you do have to deal with a flood or any seeping from the concrete as you can clean up the space and put the plank back down when things dry out.

Add Air Purification and Dehydration

Basements get damp and may become smelly. To avoid this, consider putting in dehumidifiers and an air purification or ionization system to keep air in the basement fresh. If possible, route ductwork from your current heating and air system to the basement if it’s not already in place to keep air moving in the space.

Be Prepared for Mess

Basement remodeling projects can be messy, especially if you need to cut through the wall for an egress feature. Mask as possible to avoid tracking dirt and grit through the whole house. Sweep up the site every day to make sure that your basement renovations don’t become whole house messes.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Your construction project can make it easy to enjoy secondary features in the lower level. Bathrooms, kitchens and detailed storage options can all fit under the stairs. Use modular cabinetry to keep the costs low and lessen the work of a tear out if you wind up dealing with moisture. Your basement rehab can give you a great spot to hang out, a kitchenette for snacks and beverages, or that critical extra bedroom or bathroom when you need it.